Embed Mediation Scheduler
Mediation Scheduler on your own website

To embed Mediation Scheduler on your website, follow the directions below or copy the directions and send to your web designer/developer.


  • Mediation Scheduler is embedded into your website via an iframe.
  • For best usability, it's recommended that you embed Mediation Scheduler in the main content area of your website.
  • Once counsel suggests dates for the mediation, Mediation Scheduler will handle email communications regarding available dates until counsel select a date that works for all parties.
  • Once counsel select a date that works for all parties, you will receive an email from Mediation Schedule asking whether you wish to accept or decline the appointment.
  • Mediation Scheduler will notify all counsel when the Mediator accepts or declines the appointment. If the Mediator accepts, the email sent by Mediation Scheduler will include your customized message regarding details such as location, mediation statements and other matters the Mediator wishes to include in the initial communication to counsel.