Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?
  1. Select mediator availability that works for you.
  2. Continue to the appointment creation form. you must register to create an appointment
  3. Enter the case name and opposing counsel's information. You may search opposing counsel by name or email. If no results are found, enter opposing counsel's email address and we'll notify them.
  4. Opposing counsel can approve your selected mediator availabilities or add new dates that work for them.
  5. Once mediator availability is agreed upon by counsel, the soonest appointment date is selected. The selected mediator and all counsel are notified via email.
  6. If the mediator approves, you're all set.
  7. If the mediator declines, either the next counsel agreed date is selected or counsel is notified that more mediator availability selections are required.
What if counsel changes for an appointment?
The creator of the appointment may edit assigned counsel by viewing the appointment and clicking the Edit Appointment button
What if a mediator doesn't respond and the date passes?
Once a counsel approved mediation date has passed, and there's no response from the mediator, the soonest counsel approved appointment date will be automatically selected and all parties notified.
How do I manage my availability?
If you're a mediator, go to your availability page to see a list of your current availability.
  • To delete availability, check the box in the availability row and press the delete button. you cannot delete availability that is assigned to an appointment.
  • To add availability, press the Add Availability button and enter the availability time slot and dates.
How do I manage my account?
Visit my account to manage your account.
Can I view my appointments in my calendar software?
Yes, visit the calendar page for your calendar URL and integration information


Is my card safe?
Your card data is stored with Stripe, Inc., our credit card processing company. Your card data never touches Mediation Scheduler servers and is transmitted to Stripe over a secure connection. Read more about Stripe's security here
What are the fees for mediators?
Mediators pay a flat fee of $10 per approved mediation appointment.
What are the fees for counselors?
There are no fees for counselors to use Mediation Scheduler.
What if a mediator cancels, after paying the usage fee?
A refund will be issued automatically.