Mediation Scheduler
Online Mediation Appointment Scheduling

Mediation Scheduler provides an easy to use interface for mediators and attorneys to schedule mediation appointments, without phone calls and back-and-forth emails. Mediators publish their availability on Mediation Scheduler, allowing attorneys who would like to schedule a mediation to find a meditor's available dates, or to find which mediators are available on a particular date or dates. Mediation Scheduler makes it easy for counsel to suggest mediators and dates to each other. Once the attorneys find a date (or dates) agreeable to all parties, Mediation Scheduler submits an appointment request (or requests) to the mediator. The mediator will then approve or reject the mediation appointment request(s). Once the mediator accepts a mediation request, all counsel receive a confirmation email and calender entry together with other information regarding policies and procedures provided by the mediator.

Features & Pricing



  • Manage Your Availability Simply select a time slot and all dates the time slot is available
  • Approve/Decline Mediation Requests We'll email you and ask you to approve or decline mediation requests
  • Online Profile Add a bio, image, contact information and your mediation policy
  • Calendar Integration Shows your approved appointments on your calendar software of choice
  • Collect Mediation Fees Approval email contains payment link for counselors to pay mediation fee. Requires a Stripe Connect account



  • Create Appointments Select mediator availability, add opposing counsel and create an appointment request
  • Availability Collaboration Opposing counsel can approve your selected appointment dates or add their own
  • Automated Appointment Selection Should a mediator decline or an appointment date pass, the next agreed upon availability will be selected.
  • Notifications You're notified of opposing counsel and mediator responses
  • Calendar Integration Shows your approved appointments on your calendar software of choice
  • Pay Online Pay the mediation fees online (if mediator enables)